Planning your content is an essential part of developing a winning social media strategy. Unfortunately, many businesses give a back seat to social media content planning. As an entrepreneur, a big chunk of your time goes in managing tasks that have to be dealt with immediately, shipping out orders, dealing with customer service complaints and the list goes on.

At the starting of the month, if you dedicate a few hours to building your business content calendar in advance, you’ll be able to grow your social presence without the constant worry about what to share next.

Here’s a step by step guide to building a Content Calendar that helps you engage and widen your audience base.

Why Do You Need a Content Calendar?

The need to plan a whole month of the content may seem unnecessary to many business owners. You may rush to find a Facebook article to share or try to think of an engaging post for holiday season. The truth is that a calendar of content is more than just a social profile agenda or day planner.

Here are a few reasons why you need a content calendar to ace your social media strategy:

Strategic: If you don’t create a defined social media strategy, you do things without having a clear sense of the bigger picture. Content calendars help you take a smart approach to your social media presence so that you can accomplish your overall business objectives.

Save time: If you run your own business, you probably don’t have enough hours a day to do all the work that you do. By working with a content calendar in advance, you can delete another item from your daily list and concentrate your energy on several other aspects that your business has to deal with. Consider it as the technique of time management.

Create an identity for your brand: Sharing a constant stream of material can attract the attention of new people who haven’t heard about your online shop before, but who may share common interests with your ideal customers. You can create a more comprehensive identity and lifestyle for your brand that goes beyond your product and services by mixing curated content from third-party sources and citing their sources.

How to build a content calendar for your social media presence?

Building a content calendar in one shot for the whole month sounds like a daunting task, but it’s much easier if you know which tools to use. Google Calendar or Trello are some of the best options to so.