With the eCommerce arena making room for limitless possibilities, owning an eCommerce store is not something to boast of. In fact, it is very easy to enter the digital selling terrain and become lost in the clutter. However, many firms had a humble beginning that blossomed into inspirational success stories. A significant chunk of these online sellers are the ones who monetized their traffic with a top-notch conversion rate optimization strategy.

While creating a great product copy and visually enticing product images are the most obvious ingredients for driving sales, several other aspects help to transform your site visitors into customers.

Here are 5 significant elements that conversion rate optimization services swear by-

1. Display your top selling items

When buyers visit an eCommerce website, they typically have clarity about what they want to buy. However, with a large number of similar buying options in the category, it is common to get confused between similar products. In such a scenario, ‘popular’ or ‘best-selling’ products help to ease their purchase decision.

2. Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment

We all love surprises, but in the eCommerce realm, they can cost you your sales. When a buyer decides to purchase but comes across unanticipated additional costs at the time of checkout, it is a big turn off. Any such surprises not only affect your immediate sales but adversely affect the buying prospect’s will to return to your site in the future.

3. Use the live chat to clear any doubt

In a brick-and-mortar store, a salesperson can chide away the doubts of a buying prospect. However, as an online buyer, if there is scope for any doubt, the chances are quite high that they wouldn’t risk their money by buying the product. Introducing a live chat feature to your site can be a great solution to this problem as customers can easily get rid of any uncertainty and click the ‘buy now’ button.

4. Introduce offers that are hard to resist

87 percent of online shoppers consider price as the most important factor followed by shipping cost, as stated byVolusion. When potential buyers come across offers on the products they are planning to buy, it significantly increases the chances of a favorable buying decision. Mentioning the time at which the offer would end is another great move that helps to create a sense of scarcity among the potential buyers and boosts conversions.

5. Show some stellar reviews

The greatest selling strategies are those in which you don’t push the buying prospect to buy the product. In fact, with time, buyers have become smarter in identifying such practices and keeping away from them. In such a scenario, customer reviews serve as a testament to your product’s quality. According to Shopify, nearly 95 per of cent online buyers read reviews before making a purchase. Make sure that you include options where happy customers can write a line or two about their experience of using the product.