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DIAIK4AHey I am Prashant Sharma and I’ve helped thousands of businesses make more sales, profits and sky-rocket their
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(yes, there are tricks to online success and you’ll find some
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I am the founder of the #1 Email Ad Directory in the World
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I am 25 years old but have been making money online for at least 8 years now!

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I have facilitated hundreds of thousands of dollars for my clients and customers through my
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I can go on boasting about it, but you probably don't give a damn about me! I know....

In most likelihood, you want to know how I can help YOU achieve online success, and I'll get there,
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I completely understand your point of view. But I want to show you that I'm qualified enough to advise
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So I’ll let some of my clients throw some light on what I’ve helped them with:

Here's What People Have To Say About Me:

I Was a Failure!
Quite Frankly.... I SUCKED!

When I started out, I struggled for almost 3 years without any major success. I was making a
few dollars here and there but nothing that would be considered enough.

But I was in college at that time so I didn’t really mind that. For a lot of you, time is probably
not on your side.

I don’t like to sugar coat things, let’s be honest, if you’re seeing this page, you could use some
extra money. And I'll give you the exact blueprint for that later on this page...

Back to my story….

So, the reason I struggled was, I didn’t have any guidance. Back then YouTube didn’t have tutorial
videos. The experts charged around $5,000 to help! That was too much for me back then.

So I had to learn through searching websites and, then read and implement hundreds of lines
of code just to get my website up and running.

It was HARD! I know it! I’ve been there.

….it’s always hard starting out. But I promised you I’ll tell you how the big guns in our industry do it,

and I’ll reveal their big secret on this page itself.

It's easier than you think....

For years! I was frustrated. I wanted to learn about digital marketing but didn’t know how.

I knew people were making lakhs upon lakhs of rupees every single day but I just didn’t know how!

Things are relatively easier now, and then you have access to this page too!

I still remember the course I took that made me My First Money EVER!

The course taught me how to blog, I still remember the author's name - EWEN CHIA! I made my first sale using his system.

And believe it or not, the same thing works till now. Those were the fundamentals!

They were as true then, as they are now!

Here are Income Proofs of Some Bloggers:

And I haven't even started, I can show you hundreds of these amazing success stories.....

I Should NOT Be Doing This Publicly
Here is The Secret:

Today I run multiple successful businesses and multiple times more money than any 25 year old
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And I’ve helped people all over the globe achieve amazing results. Don’t take my word for it, take
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In the headline I promised to reveal the secret sauce to the Rs. 1,36,71,693.75 income of the
big guns. And I although I shouldn’t be revealing it here in public (my fellow bloggers will hate 
me for sharing their secret…..shhhhh…..)

….. I will tell you how they do it - BLOGGING!

To be precise - NICHE BLOGGING!

And on The Next Page You'll Learn:

Yes, everything from A-Z that these people do.


1. Most of these bloggers will have their own bag of tricks but using the information inside
the course, you’ll be able to create & monetize your blog just like these top bloggers.

2. Let's be honest here - you won't make as much as them when you start out. Their results
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Amazing stuff. I'm really learning new things in digital marketing that I wouldn't have anywhere else. For 99 or even 199 dollars this is a solid investment for anybody looking to learn niche blogging fundamentals and more!

I've been thinking of working on a travel blog for a long time and this course gave me the nudge that I needed.

Sidhant Miglani
Sidhant Miglani

This was a course I took to enhance my career and it worked out incredibly well. My bosses appreciate the fact that I took the time out to learn about Digital marketing from

One of my top level managers is an avid reader of the MG content so I got extra brownie points for that. Hopefully, I'll get a raise too

Nazmul Hassan
Nazmul Hassan

I have been buying Solo Ads with his site for almost a year now. I took this course because he emailed me about it. I was skeptical earlier because there are a shit load of courses out there and I only have limited time.

I was raising tickets on his support desk continuously and his replies confirmed two things (1) he is committed to this (2) He is actively helping people on Money Grind. I've gone through the videos and they are incredible. As someone mentioned in the facebook comments too. They are to-the-point and fluff free. Good job.

Khushmeet Singh
Khushmeet Singh

I am a work at home mom and have been struggling with trying to make money online. There is so much stuff that is out there and I'm easily confused. I found Prashant through a facebook group and then literally just stuck around on his blogs and read everything he put out.

Jumped on this course as soon as it came out and haven't been disappointed. It just covers the details I'd need and as long as I implement the course as it is laid, I don't see how & why I would fail. But let's not get ahead of ourselves here. Will post results too.

Tonia Austin
Tonia Austin

Anyone looking to enhance their career, MUST MUST MUST get on this course and learn niche blogging. The bonus stuff inside this course is worth thousands of dollars if not more and covers more content than most digital marketing offline courses would ever cover.

Totally worth the price, looking for a raise at your job? Learn this stuff and you'll see your head explode with ideas that get respect at the workplace (experienced).

Nishant S.
Nishant S.

I am from a small town, there are not many digital marketing institutes here but I have always been interested in computers. Before taking this course I was a freelance writer on and was doing okay.

With this newfound knowledge, I now understand what my articles are truly worth and why everyone on peopleperhour was going crazy for great content. I am going to start my own blog too now, and the course structure really helped me with my understanding of the online blogging world + digital marketing too.

Vicky Randall
Vicky Randall Company Inc

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